Many people think that all it takes to hunt is a gun and a funny looking hat. Some of these people get lucky, but most of them come home empty-handed. To be a successful hunter, you must plan carefully and know your prey.

The job hunt is much the same. Most people send out hundreds of resumes and think that it’s enough. Months later, they are still unemployed and blame it on their lack of connections.

Many of us have heard “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Especially as students, we do not have much relevant work experience to entice potential employers with. For us especially, it is important to build connections.

As PR professionals, it will be our job to build relationships with key audiences. Why not start now by building relationships with those who can help us find a job?

Whether it’s volunteering, joining professional organizations such as CPRS and IABC, or simply talking to people who are in the field, these working relationships will prove to be invaluable when we set out on our first hunt to find a job as a PR practitioner.